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Download the AMiON Desktop Scheduler

Full Windows version (Aug 22, 2019 **)1MB
Free trial for Windows (June 14, 2017)1MB
Full Mac version with WineBottler (Apr. 2, 2019)1MB

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The free trial lets you schedule a couple months of call, clinics and/or shifts. Residency programs can build rotation schedules for an entire academic year. Schedules you create with the free trial will go right into the full version.

AMiON costs $399. Click here to read about licensing. You get the schedule builder, online services at Amion.com, technical support, and software updates throughout the year. You can order by credit card, check, or PO. Click here to order.

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** What's new in OnCall
8/22/19Removed gray cross-out lines from people on green Vac rows, where Vac is an off-schedule service configured to display on the schedule. Schedules configured with multiple sites and people set to work at some sites but not others were getting flagged as not supposed to work Vac.
8/15/19Fixed bug in applying day-after on rule to shifts that use custom patterns. If the rule put a person into a day that's white in the pattern setup grid and thus not linked to other days, the rule wasn't making the assignment.
8/12/19With click and drag to move or swap assignments, hold Ctrl before releasing the mouse to have extra-pay tag move with the provider instead of staying with the shift.
8/11/19Fixed bug that led wrong note to be selected when you right click on a resident clinic schedule and choose quick note 10 through 19.
7/23/19Increased max # of characters in paging template on rule-writer paging group from 40 to 120 characters.
7/21/19Fixed tally bug when counting only extra-pay assignments.


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