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The Login Count

Amion handles upwards of 20,000 logins per hour. Not all logins come from people typing passwords, though. So what is it counting?

Amion increments the login count each time it receives a password and needs to display a schedule or generate data to send to other systems. The requests come from many places.

When you type a password into our home page, you add to the login total. Once in, navigating to other pages does not impact the count.

Many groups and hospitals set up links to schedules on their web pages. The links include Amion passwords and bypass the login on our home page. Amion increments the login count each time someone clicks a link to view a schedule.

Many of you sync work schedules to personal calendars. Google, the iPhone, Outlook and other calendars request data from Amion several times a day. Amion handles around 25,000 calendar requests an hour, both day and night. Most calendar feeds do not count toward the login total. If a schedule hasn't changed, Amion resends saved data. A calendar feed counts toward the login total only when Amion needs to recreate the calendar data.

Amion has a programming interface that lets other applications pull schedule information into their databases. Amion processes 2,000 to 3,000 data requests an hour. Data requests through the API count toward the login total.

The mobile app uses the API but not directly; a separate server acts as an intermediary between the app and Amion. The app server stores data and if current, it passes on-call lists to the app without bothering Amion. The app server refreshes data when a schedule changes and its refreshes count toward the Amion login total.


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