What's unique about EasyPlot?

With most graphing programs, data goes into a spreadsheet and is then graphed. To change a value, it's back to the table. Curve fits or other computations add columns to the table. Getting a graph always requires extra steps.

With EasyPlot, you work directly with graphs. To change a value, pick it up and move it. Curve fits and other computations appear as curves on the graph. Want a closer look? Sketch a rectangle around an area of interest and zoom in, complete with updated axis labels.

Graphic choices

Place any number of curves on a graph—and any number of data points on a curve—using your choice of grids and ranges. View fishnet surfaces and scatter plots in 3D, with animated rotation, perspective or hidden lines removed.

Powerful analysis

EasyPlot comes with powerful analysis tools. Whatever analysis you set out to achieve, you'll find EasyPlot amazingly fast too.

Easy Entry

With EasyPlot you can simply grab data from the clipboard or call up any Windows file. Your data can come from a spreadsheet, word processor, database or data capture software. Or you can key data into a built-in spreadsheet, or enter an equation that will generate your values.

Full labeling

EasyPlot comes with a Text Toolbar that makes mathematical symbol editing a breeze. A full range of colors helps to make your plots easier to read.

Professional output

Copy/Paste your graph into a word processor or spreadsheet, or create a hard copy in portrait or landscape with publication-quality output in all sizes, fonts and line weights. You can even edit your graphs in Print Preview!

Automation & Tools for faster work

EasyPlot can operate in batch mode for background execution&emdash;for example, in response to data acquisition experiments—so that your graphs can be automatically plotted and printed. You can program many other processes too. Or assign routines to a function key for one-touch operation.


At <1MB of disk space, EasyPlot is compact and efficient.

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